The State Department Annual Report on International Child Abduction (April 2017) presents information on a country-by-country basis for all countries with which the U.S. had  one or more pending child abduction cases in 2016, identifying a group of thirteen countries "determined to have been engaged in a pattern of noncompliance" in child abduction cases. The annual report no longer aggregates data on incoming and outgoing cases, but it reports that 230 children whose habitual residence was in the United States were returned to the United States in 2016, including 170 returned from Hague Convention countries and 60 from other countries. In addition, the report indicates that the State Department worked on 189 cases that were resolved without abducted children returning to the U.S., including 132 cases with Hague partner countries. In a separate "Action Report On International Child Abduction" (issued in August 2017), the State Department detailed specific actions it has taken with respect to the thirteen noncompliant countries .