Intercountry adoption was already controversial in Russia, but the issues were heightened by the case this week of a 7-year-old adopted Russian child who was sent back to Russia alone by his adoptive mother in Tennessee.  Clifford J. Levy reports in the New York Times that the Russian government has proposed suspending all adoptions by Americans; see “Russia Calls for Halt on U.S. Adoptions After Return of Boy.” From the Associated Press, see Nataliya Vasilyeva and Kristin M. Hall, ”Russia Furious over Adopted Boy Sent Back from the U.S.

UPDATE: here’s further news from the New York Times on this case and its fallout:
Damien Cave and Clifford J. Levy, “Child in Adoption Case Is an American Citizen, Not Russian, Experts Say;”  and Sarah Kershaw, “In a Diplomatic Limbo While Waiting to Adopt.”  Also, on the NPR website, see Deborah Tedford, “Russian Case Spotlights Potential Adoption Risks.”  The Times has also posted a copy of the letter sent with the boy when he was returned to Russia.