Lots of media outlets are covering the story of the ten Americans arrested on January 29 for trying to leave Haiti with 33 children they believed or claimed to be orphans.  For those following the story, there is useful information in this New York Times story by Ginger Thompson: “Case Stokes Haiti’s Fear for Children, and Itself” and in the NYT news blog (which includes links to other coverage). There is also an item on the NYT opinion blog that includes comments from David Smolin (Cumberland Law School), Elizabeth Bartholet (Harvard law School), Cynthia Mabry (Howard Law School), Diane Kunz (Center for Adoption Policy), E.J. Graff (Brandeis University), and Dr. Jane Aronson.

More details here:  “Parents Tell of Children they Entrusted to Detained Americans.”

For context on the terrible conditions in Haiti’s orphanages, see this NYT piece by Ginger Thompson: “Bleak Portrait of Haiti Orphanages Raises Fears.”