The December 2011 issue of the International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family is available online; articles include a very thought-provoking article by Peter Hayes on The Legality and Ethics of Independent Intercountry Adoption Under the Hague Convention,which argues against the movement to eliminate independent intercountry adoption under the 1993 Hague Adoption Convention.

Other articles include: Belinda Fehlberg, Bruce Smyth, Mavis Maclean, and Ceridwen Roberts, Legislating for Shared Time Parenting after Separation: A Research Review; Tamar Morag, Religious Tradition and the Corporal Punishment of Children: A Comparison of the American and Israeli Legal Systems; Mutaz M. Qafisheh, Juvenile Justice System in Palestine: Current Situation and Reform Prospects; and Rachel Birnbaum, Nicholas Bala, and Francine Cyr, Children’s Experiences with Family Justice Professionals in Ontario and Ohio.