Online access to the August 2011 issue of the International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family is available here.

Articles include: Normann Witzleb, Marriage as the ‘Last Frontier’? Same-Sex Relationship Recognition in Australia; Maria Eriksson, Contact, Shared Parenting, and Violence: Children as Witnesses of Domestic Violence in Sweden; Ali Reda Bariklou, The Wife’s Right of Divorce on the Basis of the Delegation Condition Under Islamic and Iranian Law; Biswajit Ghosh, Child Marriage, Society and the Law: A Study in a Rural Context in West Bengal, India; Siobhan E. Laird, Enforcing the Law on Child Maintenance in Sub-Saharan Africa: a Case Study of Ghana; Rute Teixeira Pedro, Family Solidarity and the Principle of Self-Sufficiency – the Role Played by the Obligation of Spousal Maintenance: An Overview of the Portuguese Law; and Eric Blyth, Lucy Frith, Marilyn S. Paul, and Roni Berger, Embryo Relinquishment for Family Building: How Should it be Conceptualised?