A column by Veronica Flores-Paniagua in the San Antonio Express-News, Warning Signs Missed at Every Step in Custody Case,  follows up on the abduction controversy in Texas that began with a state court’s ex parte order to remove a child from his mother’s custody. The order was based on “incomplete and misleading Mexican court documents,” with the judge evidently accepting at face value the father’s claim that the documents established his legal custody of the child.  The order was enforced by sheriff’s deputies who took the child from his school bus as he pleaded not to go with his father, who subseqently disappeared with the child.  The column considers warning signs that the father’s lawyers, the judge, and the deputies should have heeded.  Previous news stories in the Express-News by Craig Kapitan are hereherehere, and here; the paper’s web site also includes a link to this video (from the school bus security camera) of the deputies taking the child.