Recent trends continued in 2015, according to data published by the U.S. State Department in its Annual Report on Intercountry Adoption.

Overall, there were 5648 incoming intercountry adoptions in FY 2015, a decline from 6441 in the previous year.  The largest numbers of adopted children came from China (2354 children), Ethiopia (335), South Korea (318), the Ukraine (303), Uganda (202), Bulgaria ((185), Latvia (170), the Congo (168), Nigeria (154), and Colombia (153).  The statistics were accompanied by an interesting Narrative Report analyzing and explaining the changing landscape of intercountry adoption. The data also show more than 90 outgoing intercountry adoptions from the United States in FY 2015, with children moving to Austria (2 children), Canada (38), Ireland (8), Mexico (2), the Netherlands (37), and Switzerland (5).