Articles for April 2012

Controversy over several cases of Hindu women converting to Islam in order to marry Islamic men has reached the Pakistani Supreme Court, which resolved the cases by sequestering the women from their families and their husbands in a shelter for several weeks and then having a court registrar record their statements privately regarding their
An article in the Washington Post discusses the controversy in Morocco sparked by the suicide last month of a teenager who was raped and then married off to the man who had raped her.  The current law allows a rapist to avoid prosecution if he marries the vicitm.The story reports that although
Cover of International Family Law Desk Book
I’m delighted to announce publication of my book, written for lawyers, judges, students and scholars working in the area of International Family Law.  Ordering information is available 
This piece by Alexei Barrionuevo, “Divorce, Oligarch Style” (NY Times, April 5, 2012) describes some of t
An inquiry has begun in Spain into allegations of  infant snatching beginning during the Franco regime in the 1950s and continuing into the 1990s.  Children were alleged to have been given or sold for adoption;  at least 1500 claims have been made with some cases confirmed by DNA testing after children were grown.  See Raphael Minder, “


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